Cancelling your order

Canceling an order on the Website

An order can be canceled due to the following reasons;

  1. My rider and I couldn't connect. Can be either the rider's phone was off or customers phone is off.
  2. My pickup or destination(s) location(s) were incorrect 
  3. The ETA was too long - Order stayed for long before being assigned a rider.
  4. The ETA was too short 
  5. My rider asked me to cancel
  6. If the order has already been serviced offline.

If you want to cancel your order, follow the below steps;

1. Tap the ‘X’ sign at the bottom left of your tracking page.

2. Choose the reason for cancellation and click on 'YES'

Canceling  order on the App

 1. Click on the Orange information (i) button that is next to the expected arrival time.

2.Tap on 'Cancel Order'.

3.Select a reason for cancellation.

4. Click on 'Submit'.

 5.  Click  'YES' to confirm the cancellation.

Orders canceled before your order has been assigned to a rider, do not attract any cancellation charges, but those done after may attract a cancellation charge. If wrongly charged for cancellation, contact us as soon as possible via [email protected], through chats or a call through 0709 779 779.

To view the Cancellation Policy, click here.


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