Payment options

Sendy provides flexibility when paying for your delivery. 

To make a new payment, go to Menu> Payment

These are three available payment options as indicated below:


To pay via Mpesa, enter the account to be charged and click on 'PAY'. 

You will receive Mpesa confirmation message and your Sendy account will be automatically updated. 

You can also pay via the Pay-Bill Business number 848450 and enter your sendy registered phone number as the account number if you have a personal account and your Sendy code if you have a business account.


To pay using a card, enter the payment amount > enter your card details > click on 'PAY'. You can save your card details for easier and faster payments in the future.

CVC is a 3 digit number at the back of your card.


When you choose the cash option, you will be required to pay the Sendy driver or rider either by giving him the cash as indicated on the App or send the amount directly to their Mpesa once the delivery is complete.

Click on 'Cash' > Enter the amount to be charged > Click on 'PAY'.

This option is NOT available if your Sendy account has arrears. 

Promo code

Sendy gives 'Promo code' to new users to experience our delivery service. 

Click on 'Promocode'  > enter your promo code >  'REDEEM'.

Once Sendy receives your payment, your order is processed and assigned to the nearest rider.

To get a break down of your past payments, go to:  

Sendy > Menu > Payment >enter the period in which you would like to see your payments > Search.


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