What's the best vehicle for my order

Sendy on boards bikes, Van (14 seaters) open with no seats, Pick-up both open and closed, trucks from 1T to 28T.

We are the solution partner to all your deliveries. Depending on the weight and size of your delivery (package to be delivered) one can choose on the above categories of vehicles or bike to service the order.

Below is a summary of tonnage and dimensions.

Vehicle Type                                        Maximum Weight               Minimum vehicle Dimensions                   
  • Bike                                                 0 - 50 Kilograms               Box capacity- L:27 in X W:18 in X H:15 insc
  • Tuktuk                                            725 Kilograms                    L 55 In X W 38 in X H 39 insc         
  • Van/Pick up                                    0 - 0.5 tonnes                    L:3.2 M X  W:1.7 M X H:1.85M

  • Truck                                               3 tonnes                            L:5.2 M X  W:2.0 M X H:2.05M      
                                                               5 tonnes                             L:5.2 M X  W:2.3 M X H:2.4M

                                                               10 tonnes                           L:7.2 M X W:3.2 M X H:2.5M

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