Dedicated Partners

What/Who is a dedicated partner

Being a Dedicated Partner is a big honor! It is something to work towards! A dedicated partner gets to work exclusively with some of our biggest clients and in turn, makes more money. 

How to be a Dedicated Partner

For one to qualify to be a Sendy Dedicated Partner, all of the following tenets must be met:

  • Exhibit high standards of professionalism. 
  • Only 3-month-old + active Partners will be considered for this position.
  • All Designated Partners must have boxes.
  • All designated Partners must be fully branded. Sendy Jacket/Reflector and branded box. 
  • All designated Partners must be well groomed, clean and presentable. 
  • All designated Partners must exhibit professionalism. Communication to clients must always be in English. 
  • All designated Partners must take great care while handling the clients' packages. This includes ensuring your box is clean at all times.
  • All designated Partners should be reachable at all times while on duty. 
  • All designated Riders must keep a clean attendance record. 
  • All designated Partners must have city council parking tickets.
  • All designated Partners must be in possession of their Original National IDs at all time while on duty. Certain delivery points will require submission of National ID. 
  • Any issues, problems encountered while on duty e.g punctures, accidents, mishandling or loss of packages must be communicated to Sendy Office through the Sendy Hotline number immediately to enable speedy resolution.
  • All designated Partners must check in through the Sendy Partner App upon reaching the clients base and check out at the end of the designated time unless told otherwise.
  • All designated partners must report to their designated workstations at least 10 minutes before the stipulated reporting time.


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