Communication to Sendy

When to communicate to Sendy

As a partner, you can always reach out to us through our customer care line on  0709 779779 or via Intercom chat channel in regards to any issues with your order. We are also available on social media, Facebook Sendy - Sendyit, Twitter @Sendymobile, Instagram find us on Sendymobile.

 These are some of the reason that may cause you to reach out to us;

  • The client is unreachable on-call or is not responding to your text messages.
  • The pick-up point or drop off point changes from what had been earlier stated in the app
  • The client keeps you waiting for more than 15 minutes (note that the first 15 minutes is usually free, waiting charges apply once the 15th minute is surpassed)
  • The client's package is not yet ready for pick up or the client wishes to cancel the order or schedule it to another time.
  • Payment confirmation for cash orders, sometimes the client opts to pay to Sendy.
  • The rider/ driver is unreachable on-call or is not responding to your call(s).


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