How to Communicate to clients

How to communicate to customers

Happy customers = More orders! Let's keep our customers happy so that we can have more orders and make more money!

  • Be polite, courteous and professional in your interaction with Sendy customers. 
  • Be formal. 
  • Be transparent and honest in all situations.
  • USE ENGLISH while in communication with the customer.
  • Check your notes before you call a client with questions.
  • Identify yourself right away as a Sendy driver when you speak to a client over text or phone.
  • Follow all directions before calling the client.
  • Only call the client if ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY.
  • If there is a problem with the order, DO NOT CALL THE CLIENT. Kindly call Sendy Staff.
  •  In case the client is unreachable through call, kindly TEXT the client in order to pass across your message.

To call the client through the app, go to  Order > I Confirm > Swipe up to get the order details

Click on the arrow icon pointing to the right then call Client.


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