Partner's Role

Partner's Role 

You are Sendy's greatest asset. You are our face to the customer. You represent our brand. Our customers never get to meet anyone from Sendy Office. They only get to meet you! And that makes you VERY important to us! We need you to be a reflection of our brand and community. We need you to be our champions!

When our customers are happy, they will continue to use our service, but when they are not, they will leave. And if we lose business, you lose business. Below are some interesting facts about business:

  • 91% of unhappy customers will not do business with you again. 
  • Did you know it takes 12 positive customer experiences to make up for one negative one? 
  • Did you know that someone who has a bad customer experience tells up to 7 people? If someone has a positive experience, they only tell three. 
  • The most requested improvement for businesses is "better human service".

That means that we need you to believe in service with a smile and that you will complete every order like it is an urgent order from the president. We need you to attempt to solve any problem that comes your way and follow the rules we have created for you because you know that they are all in place to help you deliver a premium customer experience. 

You are CRUCIAL to our success as a company! Take pride in that, Partner!


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