Order Cancellation Policy

We introduced a feature to enable you to confirm the order details within 15 seconds before order placement, sample image shown below:
We would also like to urge you to ensure the orders are ready before order placement to avoid cancellation fee to be charged as outlined below:
  1. Before a driver confirms an order-Status Pending
When a customer places an order and it has not yet been confirmed or allocated to a driver, they have the freedom of canceling the order and he/she is not charged any amount.

2. A driver has Confirmed an order-Status Confirmed 

Once an order is allocated to a driver, the customer can still cancel an order, but the following 2 scenarios have to be considered.

  • After confirmation but before arrival at pick up, a charge of KES 50 will apply.
  • After arrival at the pick-up location, a charge KES 150 will apply.

Should the delay come from us we will - i.e over 5mins to confirmation and over 10mins to pick up we will give a coupon of KES 250.

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