What if my location is not on Google maps?

If your pick up or drop-off location is not suggested on Google maps,

1. Pick a landmark location that is nearest to the exact location, such as a school, shopping mall, church or mosque. Check the map to confirm that the landmark picked is actually near you(Pick-up point is the orange dot on the map). Avoid picking roads as a location as they can traverse the significant distance.

2. Click on 'additional information' located below the pricing and expected time of arrival and type in the specific directions that the driver should take to reach the exact location. When you have put in all the details, click on the blue Confirm Order icon to proceed

Note: As the price estimate is based on the location selected on the map, you will incur an additional cost for the extra distance that a driver covers to get to your exact location. Extra distance rates are detailed below:

  • Bike/Motorcycle deliveries- Kes 30 per Km
  • Van/Pick-up/3 Tonne delivery- Kes 50 per Km
  • 5-tonne Truck delivery- Kes 60 per Km
  • 10-tonne Truck delivery- Kes 70 per Km

For future use, you can suggest the missing location to Google maps for addition so you can easily find it on maps

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