Admin corporate/account preferences

As an admin of a corporate account, you can set the preferences for your organization.

Go to: Menu > Admin Settings > Preferences

Swipe the button to the right to select an option, the active option will turn to blue.

Your available options are as follows.

  • Branch 

The branch option enables you to group your users and orders into branches. 

You can also view reports at the branch level.

  • E-commerce orders

The option enables you to make bulk orders with smart routing and zoning for maximum efficiency.

  • Order History details

This enables a user to view all the order details on the orders History tab.

  • Order breakdown

Allows you to browse through your bulked orders and see how much each order cost you.

  • Insurance

Provides a third party flexible and affordable extra insurance for your deliveries.

  • SMS password change

 Activate this option if you prefer to receive a password change link via SMS rather than email.

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