Confirming an order

Confirming an order means that you have verified all the order information you have provided, you have seen the price and that you agree to continue processing the order.

To confirm an order, go to > login >new delivery > enter your pickup and destination locations> Add any additional information in the notes section >If bike, select whether you want rider with a box or not, If pick-up, select whether to you want Open or Closed > Confirm Order.

If you have a preferred rider/ driver you would like to service your order, mark yes under the section then input their phone number or number plate.

You can also place your order in advance and schedule it for a convenient time to be picked up.

Here are some common pitfalls to avoid before confirming your order:

1.Keying in the pick-up and destination locations instead of choosing from the Google map suggestions

To choose from the suggestions, start typing  your locations and then choose from the Google map suggestions

2. Picking incorrect locations from the google map suggestions.

This happens especially with locations that have similar names such as Balozi Apartments Nairobi and Balozi Nairobi.

3. Not including any special information/instruction in the notes section e.g exact locations in case it was not on the map and you used the nearest landmark, contact details of the person handing out package and recipient at the destination, In case you need extra loaders.

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