Placing orders with multiple stops

You can place an order with up to 9 destinations on Sendy.

1. Enter your pickup and your first destination.

2. To add an extra stop, click on 'ADD DESTINATION'.

3. This is how your order with multiple stops look like.

To remove a stop, move your mouse  over  that stop and click the 'x' symbol.

Stops will be made in the order they are added.

How to place orders with multiple stops on the App

1. Tap the Sendy app to open it.

2. Enter your pick-up location.

3. Enter your first destination.

4. To enter another stop, click on the + sign next to the first destination. To add another destination, click on "Add a stop".

Add all the stops and when finished click on 'Done'

To remove a stop, click the 'x' symbol on the location you would like to remove.

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