Digital Proof of Delivery

Sendy has made it seamless for clients and businesses to access their delivery documents online. We understand that delivery documents are important to your business process.    

You will receive a receipt after each delivery. Please verify the delivery documents within 24 hours. 

The link from the receipt will redirect you to the review page. You will find there the recipient's signature and the photographs of the documents as per your request.

You can also find the delivery documents in your Sendy account. Log in, go to Menu -> Order history. Choose the order you want to review. Click on the three-dot button and 'Delivery docs'.

The pop-up with the signature and the photos of the documents will open.

Delivery Documents Dispute

In case when the delivery documents are missing or are unclear, you can dispute them online. 

Open the Delivery Docs page in the order history. Click 'Dispute'.

Please give an explanation for the dispute.

Once you click 'Dispute', our Customer Care team is automatically notified. The Team Member will contact you back shortly after.
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