Incorrect Pickup/Delivery Location or Long Waiting Time

Have you been waiting for your Client for a long time? Has your Client changed the pickup or delivery location? Don't worry, we have your back!

Long Waiting Time

1. On the delivery page, tap the PLUS button.

2. Select Incorrect Pickup or Incorrect Destination - as per your situation.

3. You will see the timer animation that starts in the top left corner. This is to measure your waiting time until you pick up or drop off the

Tap the animation to see the waiting time. The timer will stop, when you swipe 'I have picked' or 'I have delivered' button.

Incorrect Pickup or Destination Location

1. On the delivery page, tap the PLUS button.

2. Select Waiting at Pickup or Waiting at Destination - as per your situation.

3. You will see the confirmation message on the screen.

Once you see the confirmation message, you can proceed to the correct location. We will automatically record it.

Collecting Extra Charges

The extra amount to be charged is calculated automatically at the delivery completion. Both Client and Partner are notified about it.

Please remember to collect the amount from a Client when you see the Collect Cash message on your screen (left bottom image). Once you receive the amount, click Paid. If the Client doesn't want to pay you, click Not Paid.

For the postpaid customers we will collect the charges for you.

Please remember that the Client can dispute the extra charges. Every case will be reviewed by Sendy Team.


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