My parcel was lost or damaged

As Sendy, our goal is to have your goods/parcels delivered successfully and intact. In a case where your parcel/good is lost/damaged while in transit, below are the steps to take:

1. Report the Claim

Notify Sendy Immediately! Incidents reported more than 3 days after occurrence will not be considered. Please report the issue using our available communication channels, i.e. phone, Web chats, email, or social media. You can also include an invoice or a receipt of the value of the lost item. Pictures of the damaged package will also be helpful in resolving the matter. 


  • Excludes cash or jewelry
  • If the property belongs to the insured and/or his employees or agents
  • If they are stolen goods, illegal goods, smuggled goods/contraband
  • Any consequential loss arising after the damage/loss has happened (e.g. if the client whose goods were stolen loses a deal afterward)
  • Disappearance/unexplained inventory shortages
  • If the packaging was not 100% i.e. was defective; careless; not properly insulated. Kindly note that Sendy does not provide packaging services.
  • The driver was driving under the influence. Please notify us immediately so that a replacement rider/ driver is sent.
  • If the goods were electronic, damage caused by their malfunctioning
  • A driver carrying in excess. Please ensure the correct vehicle type/ size is selected for the intended goods.
  • Vehicle not used for its intended purpose e.g. normal trucks transporting goods that should be in a refrigerated truck
  • Storage facilities not in good condition and not used for the intended purpose
  • If theft happened when the vehicle was unattended/ or as a result of negligence (driver must take reasonable care of the goods under his responsibility)
  • In our case, damage to goods caused by the change in temperature, resulting from a total or partial breakdown caused by the events above. 
  • If damage/loss is caused through malicious damage, theft or disappearance, immediately inform the police 

2. Inspection of the Claim

We will review the issue to determine whether the goods were damaged/lost while in transit or they were damaged/lost after the delivery.

3. Authorization of the Claim

If we have determined they were damaged/lost after the delivery, then we will notify you via email of the same.

If we have determined they were damaged/lost while in transit, then we will begin the claim process. We will send you a claim form to fill  

4. Pursuing the Claim

Since your delivery was insured, we will claim it using our insurance provider. This process takes anywhere upwards of 28 days and we will keep you informed about the progress of your claim weekly.

5. Payment of the Claim

Once we get it resolved, we will send you the amount equivalent to the value of the lost or damaged goods/parcel less 10% Excess fees usually charged by the Insurance as claim processing fees.

The excess is standard as shown below;
Trucks - 10% of every loss; minimum claim KES 50,000/-
Van/pick up - 10% of every loss; minimum claim KES10,000/-
Bikes 10% of every loss and Minimum claim KES 5,000/-

NOTE: Motorcycle insurance is up to KES 300,000 while vehicle insurance is up to KES 10,000,000


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