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About Sendy

What Sendy is all about

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Where to Start

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Placing an Order

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My Account

Peer & Business account settings, editing the list of users and departments.

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Earn free deliveries

Earning and Redeeming promo codes

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Payment Information

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Contact us

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Partner Support


What Sendy is all about.

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Doing Deliveries

Describes the delivery process from the Partners point of view

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How and when Partners should communicate to Clients and Sendy

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Sendy payment policy, including when and how payments are made

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Bonuses and Incentive Program

Reward system for best performing Sendy Partners

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Being a Dedicated Driver

Defines the Dedicated Driver Model

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Cleanliness and Branding

How to present yourself and the Sendy Image

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Rules, Penalties and Policies

Guidelines and expected code of conduct governing partners

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Test and Certification

Part of training that ensures the best are on-boarded onto the Sendy platform

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